Proscend G.Shdsl.bis TDM total solution includes the rack with the line cards in the central side and network terminal units (NTUs) at customer premises. The rack solution is a cost-effective central unit for carriers to provide their customers with symmetric high-speed digital subscriber line (Shdsl.bis) services via consumer premise equipments (CPEs) with options of G.703 interface, multi-protocol serial DCE port or Ethernet port. Supported by ProEMS, a smart, comprehensive Element Management System that offers efficient control and management of Proscend's G.shdsl.bis TDM Rack system. This powerful EMS supports features of system management, network configuration, performance monitoring, fault detection & recovery and security control. It raises productivity, improves accuracy, simplifies training and reduces costs for network operation centers.

Proscend 3000 Series TDM Rack solution has powerful automatic configuration capability that makes installation and service provisioning simple and painless. Furthermore it provides flexible manually setting of the maximum NTU speed at different levels for different customer-tailored service offerings.

NTU 5030B small

Proscend 5099B Series 2-Wire/4-Wire Shdsl.bis NTU is a telecommunication product designed for carriers and SME users. The standalone modems offer a variety of choices for data interfaces to meet different connection needs. Proscend 5099B Series features E1/T1, Serial and Ethernet interfaces, allowing connection to different DTE types. When equipped with multiple interfaces, the standalone Shdsl.bis NTU combines user traffic over the Shdsl link. Available DTE combinations include E1+V.35/X.21, T1+V.35/X.21, E1+Ethernet, T1+Ethernet and V.35/X.21+Ethernet that can work simultaneously to share the DSL bandwidth.

The Shdsl.bis NTU supports two different connectors for G.703 E1 application that link to TDM service either by balanced 120Ω RJ45 jack or unbalanced 75Ω dual BNCs with bit rates from 64kbps to 2.048Mbps. For T1 connection, the Shdsl.bis NTU offers balanced 100Ω RJ45 Jack to carry bit rates from 64Kbps to 1.544Mbps.

As a Serial interface application, it links to high-speed TDM services by a DB25 interface, which can work as V.35/RS-530 or V.36/X.21 (factory setting) connection. The data rate of DB25 interface is up to 5.696Mbps for one pair of copper wires and 8.192Mbps for two pairs of copper wires.